Monday, January 21, 2013

A Christmas Story

This Christmas, our library took part in a very special community event: Victorian Christmas. The YAZ (Young Adult Zone) participated by hosting a Festive Photo Booth and our Teen Council members volunteered as camera operators and guest decorators (and by that I mean they helped decorate our guests). The event was hoppin' and we had dozens of patrons stop by to get their photos taken.

Meg and I got in on the action.

But then things got a little quiet toward the end of the afternoon, and our imaginative TC members got a bit creative.

Here is a story, lovingly told in photos, by Margaret, Olivia, Keegan, and Evan:

Once upon a time, there was a Christmas reindeer.

There was also a Christmas elf.

The reindeer and elf were the best of friends.

One day, Santa had a very special task, but needed only one person to accomplish it.

Both the reindeer and the elf wanted to be Santa's helper...

So they ran off separately to see who could complete the task first.

But they didn't anticipate the senior reindeer. Nobody anticipates the senior reindeer.

The senior reindeer got the job done lickety-split, before either the reindeer and her former elven friend could get started.

The reindeer and elf were displeased and decided to get even with the senior reindeer.
The two caught the senior reindeer and tied him up in tinsel. The senior reindeer really didn't care.

The senior reindeer was not deterred by the tinsel and he left without any trouble. Still, the Christmas reindeer and elf were happy and they became friends once more.

The end.

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