Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Teen Tech Week - QR Code Scavenger Hunt

Your mission, if you choose to accept it, is to come to the library sometime between Monday, March 11th and Friday, March 15th and search for QR codes hidden throughout the library. Grab a handout from the Teen Librarian's desk and list all of the sites the QR codes take you to. When you're done, turn in the handout to the Teen Librarian or one of the Children's Librarians. At the end of the week I'll review all of the handouts and collect the names of everyone who got all the right answers. I'll randomly draw a name from this group and that person will win a $25 dollar gift card to their choice of Amazon, Barnes and Noble, or iTunes.

What: QR Code Scavenger Hunt
Where: Mooresville Public Library
When: March 11 to March 15 during open hours
How: Download a free QR code app to your smart phone and scan the codes hidden throughout the library. The codes will take you to a website of my choosing. Write down the information from the website on the handout provided at the Teen Librarian's desk in the YAZ. Once completed, turn the handout in to the Teen Librarian or one of the Children's Librarians.
Why: 1) To celebrate Teen Tech Week at MPL, 2) Because it's fun, and 3) You could win a prize!

Happy Hunting!


  1. I love your idea for teen tech week. I was hoping to do an adaptation of it myself here in CT with the YALSA top 10 books but I'm having problems find good QR codes for the books. Where did you find yours, if you don't mind me asking?

  2. I'm creating my own and linking them to the websites I want them to see. You can google QR Code Generator and get a lot of good sites. I used www.qrstuff.com.