Saturday, September 8, 2012

Graphic Novel Review: Polterguys

Polterguys (Volume #1) 
By Laurianne Uy

This graphic novel is the story of awkward and nerdy Bree, a new college student, who finds herself living alone in an old house. She's never really fit in, she was always more interested in her studies and had a hard time relating to the other kids. She thinks college will be different, though - a place where everyone is there to learn. Unfortunately for Bree, making friends in college has been just as difficult as it was before. After going through several roommates, Bree scores a room in an old, empty house. However, she's not as alone as she thinks - she actually has five ghostly roommates.

Ok, so this story was quick and cute. It has the feel of Ouran, which I loved, but the story of Polterguys doesn't have the depth of plot or characters. The story felt rushed and the characters weren't developed enough, particularly considering the ending (which I won't tell you). But there's a lot of potential, and I'm interested in seeing where the story goes.

There is one big problem, though, and it may just be my problem...every time I try to type the title of this series, I find myself typing Poulterguys instead. That would be a completely different story: one girl's new life in college who finds herself living with five guys who are half man-half chicken. Actually, I'd probably read that.

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