Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Meg-A-Rae Episode 18: A Very Special Crossover Episode

Meg and I got so excited about our Crossover episode that we got a wee bit long-winded. So this episode is broken up into three parts to making your viewing easier! In Part One, we discuss spring programming and we have a lot of really fun things going on next semester! In Part Two, I talk about awesome books written for adults, but would be totally awesome for teens, too. In Part Three, Meg talks about fantastic teen novels that adults should also read! Meg and I both read teen and adult books, so we kept talking and talking and talking about some of our favorites. Enjoy!

Part 1 - New Programs!
 Part 2 - Rae on Adult Books for Teens
Part 3 - Meg on Teen Books for Adults
Watch for our next Very Special Episode where we talk about new books in 2013!

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